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The LinkedTV platform allows content owners to perform analysis, annotation and enrichment of their video material and store and manage the resulting rich metadata. This metadata supports improved retrieval and re-use of their video at Media Fragment level, as well as being the basis for LinkedTV added value applications served to client devices.

Video Ingestion: 

  • Gathering of video sources for analysis and enrichment


Administration and Workflow: 

  • Selection of video sources and monitoring of the analysis workflow

  • Storage of Media Fragments and annotations in a central repository

Content Analysis and Enrichment: 

Detection of meaningful Media Fragments and their description by:

  • Shot / scene analysis, ASR, OCR, face recognition, visual object detection (according to configuration)

  • Description in terms of concepts extracted from transcripts and identified using Linked Data

  • Linking to related information and to content from user provided white lists of trusted content sources


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Watch our LinkedTV Platform Demo Video: discover how to make your video available to LinkedTV's content enrichment services







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