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"LinkedNews" gives news viewers the chance to dig deeper into the background of news stories!


Professional news content produced by RBB is linked to sets of related information and videos from German broadcasters, providing viewers a deeper understanding of and more relevance from regional news.



Contact details for Linked News:

Mr. Nicolas Patz 
+49 (331) 97 993 50042


The "Hyperlinked Documentary" demonstrates how a popular arts programme Tussen Kunst & Kitsch can be enriched by linking to content related to the art objects in the show.


The Antiques Roadshow format program's viewers are interested in the cultural + historical aspects of the objects being appraised. LinkedTV gives them immediate + easy access to explore information, discover similar objects, their creators etc.



Contact details for Linked Culture:

Ms. Lotte Baltussen

Experience what is Linked Television with our content partners:
  • LinkedNews from RBB (German daily news)
  •            LinkedCulture from AVRO (Dutch cultural heritage)
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